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Congratulations to our 2017-18 TTCU Student Interns


Our new team of student interns (pictured above) are ready to begin work at the TTCU branch at Antioch High School when the new school year begins in early August. Our student branch is a fully-functioning credit union branch located inside the high school. It is run by high school students who serve other students, as well as faculty members and staff.

The student interns are mentored by TTCU staff members and dedicated Antioch High School teachers and faculty, who assist the team with their duties. This branch is open to Antioch High School students, staff and teachers only; it is not open to the public.

This program offers unique hands-on business, customer service, and professional experience for student interns who volunteer to operate the branch and undergo nearly 6 weeks of training at TTCU. It provides the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with personal finance and financial literacy. In addition to processing bank transactions, student interns provide product and service education, essentially becoming Member Service Representatives at the Credit Union branch.

At TTCU, we are committed to helping students acquire the knowledge and skills relevant to future business professions and post-secondary education, through our affiliation with The Academies of Nashville.

We are proud of our student/interns. This group is a highly motivated, intelligent and energetic group of teenagers who participate in the TTCU Academy of Business and Finance at Antioch High School. We look forward to watching them succeed and grow during the upcoming school year. Antioch High School is located in Antioch, Tennessee (southeast of Nashville).

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