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Congratulations to our 2018-19 TTCU Student Interns


A new team of student interns are ready to begin work at the TTCU in-school branch at Antioch High School when the new school year begins in early August. We congratulate our intern team who just 'graduated' from 5 weeks of summer training at the credit union.

Our student branch is a fully-functioning credit union branch located inside the high school. It is run by high school students who serve other students, as well as faculty members and staff. The student interns are mentored by TTCU staff members and dedicated Antioch High School teachers and faculty, who assist the team with their duties. This branch is open to Antioch High School students, staff and teachers only; it is not open to the public.

Our TTCU program offers unique hands-on business, customer service, and professional experience for the students who worked hard to prepare for the coming school year and to assume their new responsibilities at the branch. The students' achievements included: learning about TTCU, understanding the difference between banks and credit unions, learning and processing basic teller transactions, opening accounts, and knowing how to best represent themselves as professional member service representatives and confidently discussing the products offered at the in-school branch.

These talented teenagers have done a spectacular job. They are a group of highly motivated, intelligent and energetic teenagers who also participate in the TTCU Academy of Business and Finance at Antioch High School. We look forward to watching them succeed and grow during the coming school year.

Antioch High School is located in Antioch, Tennessee (southeast of Nashville).

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