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Fraud Alert: Grant Scam


There have been scam attempts across the country involving individuals who claim to work with the ‘U.S. Department Of Grants’ or ‘ The U.S. Treasury’. The “offer” the fraudsters are attempting involves a grant you have earned for paying your taxes on time, good financial history, good credit score, etc. The fraudster will often give an ‘official’ grant number and the name and number of another person to contact. During this process you will be asked personal information such as social security number or account numbers. The final step in the process is wiring money for a one time fee through Western Union.

This is just a new spin on an old scam. If you win or are awarded something that you did not apply for, this may be an indicator that you are the target of a scam. Anytime you are asked to wire money out, even if you have a cashiers check from the person you have been contacted by, there is a good chance you could become a victim. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, having been approached via phone call, text, email, or even through a letter in the mail, please contact The Tennessee Credit Union. You can contact your local branch or our Fraud Specialist at 615-780-7728.

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