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Important Notice Regarding ACH Debits


Important Information Regarding ACH Debits

On Friday, Sept. 15, there will be a change to the way electronic payments, also known as ACH debits, are processed by the Federal Reserve. On that date, the Federal Reserve will start processing most ACH debits on the same day they are transacted. That means some of your payments could come out of your account faster than before.

This is an industry-wide change that is the result of a faster and more efficient ACH network (the network that moves money between banks). All banks and credit unions will be adjusting their electronic payment processing times accordingly.

Typical ACH debits include payments to utilities, health club dues, credit card providers, etc. Some other payments that you may not think are electronic but may process as an ACH debit include the following:

• Paper checks written to merchants such as grocery and big box stores may be converted to ACH debits. If so, these checks can post and clear on the same day.

• Debit cards from retailers (such as Target or Nordstrom) that link to your checking account and use the ACH process. If so, the transactions can post and clear on the same day.

To avoid overdraft or insufficient fund fees, make sure the available balance in your account is enough to pay any debits or withdrawals at the time you write or authorize them.

4 Tips for Being Prepared 

1. Don’t Assume Funds Will Clear a Day or Two After Making a Payment: Habits can be hard to break. Get in the habit now of planning for funds to clear at the same time you make your payment.

2. Stay On Top of Your Balances: Keeping your available account balances at a level that supports your spending is always the best approach. Both TTCU Online Banking and Mobile Banking provide you with access to your account balances on-the-go so you will have current account information any time, any place.

3. Learn More: For questions about same day ACH debits, visit our website at for a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

4. Consider opening a TTCU Personal Line of Credit to help you avoid overdrafts.  Click here to learn more about a Personal Line of Credit. Line amounts begin at $500 - subject to credit qualifications.


If you have any further concerns or questions, please contact TTCU Member Services at or by phone at 800-622-2535.

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