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Proud of our 2016-2017 High School Student-Interns


Today, we celebrate the graduation of our 6 new Antioch High School student interns from our Summer Training program. These hard-working, talented students exemplify what it takes to achieve success.  With the start of the school year in August, these students begin their roles as new account representatives and tellers at TTCU's fully-functioning Credit Union branch at the high school.

We extend our sincere appreciation also to the Antioch teachers and administrators who support this program throughout the year.

The Tennessee Credit Union (TTCU) has been a sponsor of the Academy of Business & Finance at Antioch High School since 2010. Through the Academy, we help students find their voices, develop their strengths, pursue their passions and make their mark on the world.

Congratulations on completing your summer training!  Best wishes for success in your 2016-2017 school year!

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