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TTCU employees join in at Wright Middle School’s Winter Carnival, Nashville.


This morning, December 16, TTCU employees (pictured above) joined other volunteers in directing various planned games and activities at Wright Middle School’s annual Winter Carnival, Nashville. The Carnival helps the students celebrate the beginning of winter break and the coming holidays and, most importantly, have some fun.

The event was energetic and well organized. One TTCU employee  commented, “It was heart-warming to see the children enjoying themselves. It is really a great feeling to be surrounded by all the laughter and happiness that this event creates for the students. The kids were having such a good time, and so were we." 

At TTCU we are proud and enthusiastic to support community events like this one. Our purpose is to help strengthen the communities in which we work and live. We do this through our passion of helping children, teachers and local schools.

We extend our special thanks to Ms. DeWall, Community Coordinator at Wright for inviting TTCU to participate in this program and our sincere appreciation to Dr. Anderson, Executive Principal; Mr. Baskin, 6th and 7th Grade Principal; and Mrs. Becerra, 5th and 8th Grade Principal for their untiring efforts at Wright to provide a stimulating environment for education and growth for the students. 

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