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TTCU Salutes our CUNA-Certified Interns


Seven students at Antioch High School (TN) are now CUNA Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors. The students are also interns at the TTCU branch at the school. We congratulate the hard work and dedication of these young people on this unprecedented success, not typically attained by high school students. We recognize and applaud:

Engy T., CCUFC
Mernaa F., CCUFC
Ke’ondra H., CCUFC
Dena M., CCUFC
Mariam S., CCUFC
Blanca T., CCUFC
Engie W., CCUFC

As CUNA Certified Financial Counselors, the students acquired real-world financial counseling skills and financial counseling knowledge for every interaction, including budgeting, saving, credit report reviews, debt reduction and planning for the future.

In order to be certified as a Financial Counselor, staff must complete the CUNA Financial Counseling Certification Program to earn the designation of Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC). The CCUFC designation requires recertification every three years to ensure that the knowledge about financial counseling is current.

TTCU also salutes Antioch's High School's teacher-supervisor of the program. Thank you for working with the students and making the certification process a great success.

We are so proud of you all.


To learn more about CUNA Financial Counselor certification, click here.
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