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TTCU was Proud Participant in ‘My Future, My Way’ Career Exploration Fair on Oct. 27



TTCU was a proud business participant in last week’s 6th Annual Metro Nashville Public Schools career fair held at the Music City Center in Nashville. Over 7,400 Nashville-area high school students attended the fair to learn about career opportunities from more than 200 area business representatives. This event provides an avenue for students to explore career options, so they can choose an academy for their 10-12th grade years, plus consider occupations that may be interesting to them.

TTCU showcased 3 career pathways at its colorful booth: Fraud, Marketing/Communications, and Training.  We had the help of student representatives from The Tennessee Credit Union Academy of Business and Finance, who directed students to areas of interest.

At our booth, students engaged in mock interviews with our TTCU managers and staff to learn more about the variety of career options available at the credit union and in the financial services industry. The interviews helped determine what it would be like and what it would take for students to pursue those occupations. 

The students were challenged to try not to eliminate any career options from their lists until they learned more about them. Often, the students were surprised by what they discovered. For example, an occupation that the student wanted to eliminate could end up being the one that suits him/her the best.

It was a productive and educational event for both the students and business participants. We at TTCU were especially proud to be able to help guide the students in their future careers by discussing the job duties and responsibilities of various positions.

Interested in becoming involved with the "My Future, My Way" Career Exploration Fair and helping our students prepare for life after high school? We welcome local participation to help make this valuable student experience a success. Visit and click the 'chat envelope' to find out how your business or organization can be involved in the 2017 Career Fair.

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