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TTCU Advertisement Survey

Please complete this brief survey related to the new TTCU advertisement being broadcast during the "Tennessee Crossroads" television program on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and Nashville Public Television (NPT) stations across the state.  "Tennessee Crossroads" can be viewed on Sunday & Thursday in Middle Tennessee and on Saturday in other markets. Check local listings.

Are you a TTCU member?*


Generally, how often do you watch PBS or NPT station(s)?*


Do you ever watch "Tennessee Crossroads"?*

Have you seen the TTCU ad that precedes and follows "Tennessee Crossroads"?*


If "Yes" to above question, did you have a positive impression of TTCU after watching the advertisement?


Please provide feedback on what appealed to you most or any other comments you wish to share.

Thank you for taking time to complete this survey!  Please click 'Next' and type in the CAPTCHA phrase(s) to help us defend against spam submissions, then click "I Accept" button to submit the survey.