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Open a Specialty Saving or Club Account Today!

At TTCU, we make it easy for you to open a Specialty Savings and Club Account. You don't even need to fund it right now and can open it with $0. However, you will surely want to begin adding money to the account as soon as possible -- saving a little every payday throughout the year, transferring funds to the account through Online Banking, or making a deposit at one of our branches.


If you are not a member of TTCU, click here to Get Started Now! with the membership application process. We look forward to having you join the TTCU family.

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TTCU does not require that you fund your account at this time. We will open the account in your name within one business day. Afterwards, you may access the account and begin saving. We ask that you make a deposit to your Summer Fun Account within 60 days of account opening. Use Online Banking to transfer funds to your new account, deposit funds by visiting one of our branches, or speak with a member service representative at 800-622-2535 to help you add funds to your account.

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