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PDF Forms

ACH Forms (Automated Clearing House)

The following forms are in PDF format. You may submit by printing and completing the form, then faxing it to 615-242-6112 or returning the form to your local branch. If you have any questions or need assistance with the form, please call the ACH Department at 800-755-8828, ext. 7625.

Revocation of ACH Debit AgreementRevocation of ACH Debit Agreement
This form is used to permanently revoke/stop the ACH loan payment from another financial institution.  It is also used if you want to change the amount being debited or the financial institution you want to use to have the funds debited for the loan payment.

ACH Debit Stop Payment RequestACH Debit Stop Payment Request 
This is the form you will use if an ACH item has cleared your account and you would like to stop any future payments from being deducted from your savings or checking account with TTCU.

Authorization Agreement for ACH Debit OriginationAuthorization Agreement for ACH Debit Origination
This form is used when you want to set up a debit withdrawal from your account at another financial institution. It is used to start or change information on a loan payment or if you would like to have money sent to a TTCU savings or draft account. 

Written Statement of Unauthorized DebitsWritten Statement of Unauthorized Debits 
This is a two-page form used when you have an unauthorized ACH debit that has come out of your account, and you would like to attempt to get your funds back.

Bid Form

Find my Ride Bid FormVehicle Bid Sheet 
Use this form to bid on vehicles that TTCU currently has for sale.  Inventory changes frequently.  To view vehicles, click Find Your Ride. Complete instructions are on the form.


Credit Card Forms

Automatic Credit Card PaymentAutomatic Credit Card Payment
Use this form to transfer funds from your credit union account as a payment to your credit card.

Balance Transfer RequestBalance Transfer Request to TTCU Visa  
Transfer your high-interest-rate credit card balances from other financial institutions to your TTCU Visa credit card.


Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Opt-In NoticeOverdraft Opt-in Notice
This form allows us to authorize and pay debit card transactions that may overdraft your checking account.


Miscellaneous Forms

Beneficiary Designation FormBeneficiary Designation Form
Designate pay-on-death beneficiaries for your accounts.

Change of Address Request FormAccount Maintenance Form
The security of your account information is very important to us. To minimize fraud risk, protect your account(s), and avoid a bad address fee, please use this form to update the mailing address associated with your account. This form is used to update home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Checking Account Reconciliation WorksheetChecking Account Reconciliation Worksheet
Use this form to easily balance your check register or checkbook and your checking account.

Privacy NoticePrivacy Notice
This document explains what TTCU does with your personal information and the options you have for opting out of certain communications.

Incoming Wire InstructionsIncoming Wire Instructions
Wire funds from another source into your account at The Tennessee Credit Union.