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Security & Fraud Protection

Banking Know How

  • How to Build a CD Ladder

    If you're looking to earn the highest possible yield on your investments without sacrificing the safety of government backed insurance, certificates of deposit are one way to go.

  • 3 Reasons You Need an Automatic Savings Plan

    “Save money” is a timeless bit of personal finance advice, but actually doing it can be another story. If you need a way to boost your savings and stay consistent with your goals, setting up an automatic funds transfer can help.

  • Compound Interest Mind Bend (Video)

    When dealing with compound interest, it's important to get started as early as you can. View this video, it may surprise you.

  • Your Money is Safe

    The shares in your credit union are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

  • 6 Ways to Save More Money

    Even if saving has never been your thing and money is tight, it’s never to late to change old financial habits. Here are some ways to become a more efficient saver.

  • Financial Literacy for Kids of All Ages

    No matter how enthusiastic you are, trying to formally teach finance to kids is a tall order that is likely to make their eyes glaze over. Hold their attention by keeping money lessons relevant, age appropriate and a bit playful.

Credit & Debt Management

  • Loan Basics (Video)

    Every now and then, we all need a refresher on the "basics." This video provides a lighthearted review of loan fundamentals.

  • Demystifying Mortgages (Video)

    Comparing mortgages can be confusing and intimidating - so let's break it down to see how it all works.

  • Your Personal RV Buying Guide

    It's vacation time! Are you thinking about doing something different and buying an RV? RV lots can seem so intimidating, but here are some tips to take some of the stress off.

  • Boost Your Credit Score (Video)

    Credit scores are an area of personal finance that seem a lot more mysterious than they actually are. Let's examine what's truly important to understand. 

  • Dealing with a Financial Setback

    Financial setbacks come in all shapes and sizes. It can be an expensive household repair, a medical emergency, getting laid off, or the birth of a baby.

  • Time Your Purchases

    Do you wish you could be that person who somehow knows exactly when to buy everything? Now you can!

  • Recession-Proof Habits

    The economy is always going up or down - here's a reminder of a Number One Wealth-Building habit.

  • Personal Finance by Age Group - Decade by Decade

    There are two "golden rules" in personal finance that apply, regardless of how old you are: (1) live within your means, and (2) look forward to the future and save for it.

  • Credit Utilization (Video)

    Credit utilization is how much credit is available to you vs. how much of it you actually use.