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Financial Articles & Tips

TTCU is pleased to provide a collection of educational articles to help our members make informed financial decisions and work toward achieving the bright financial futures they seek.

2018 Articles

Beware Of Fake Checks!  Protect Yourself from The Latest Scam
If it seems to good to be likely is a scam!

Compound Interest 'Mind Bend'! (Video)
Compound interest is one of the most powerful concepts in saving and investing. But what is the best strategy for success? It may surprise you!

Dealing with a Financial Setback
Financial setbacks come in all shapes and sizes. Here are several things to keep in mind if this happens to you.

Financial Preparation for 2018
We’re staring 2018 in the face right now. Take steps now to get your budget in order for the New Year.

Guaranteed Asset Protection-GAP (Video)
Why this coverage is so important for your wallet and financial well-being if you have a car. 

Infographic: Drive a Better Bargain - Your Car Buying Tip Sheet
How to negotiate a great deal at the car dealer.

Infographic: How to Shop Smarter at the Grocery Store
Revamp your shopping strategy. Try these methods to shop even smarter.

Know Your Checking Account (Video)
It's important to know the basics about writing checks.

Tax Season Brings Out Tax-Related ID Theft Scams
The main ways scammers do this are by filing fraudulent returns, phone scams and email or text message phishing.

2017 Articles

Buying a Home in Today's Economy
October can be a great time to buy a home. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Cashier's Checks 101

When you need one and how to get it.

Common Amazon Phishing Scam Getting Traction

Beware email messages with a “primitive” looking type stating your recent Amazon order was cancelled.

Common Mistakes During Open Enrollment
Watch out for these common pitfalls when enrolling in workplace benefits.

Credit Utilization
Credit utilization is how much credit is available to you vs. how much of it you actually use.

Curiosity and Facebook are Phisher's Favorite Pals - Be Careful!
Phishing scams are continually improving by becoming more targeted and more sophisticated.

Don't Fall for Valentine's Day Scams
Internet thieves coolly set traps for unsuspecting shoppers around Feb. 14.

FICO's 5 Credit Scores Factors  (Video)
FICO is the king of credit scores. So what factors matter most in FICO's scoring formula?

Financial Literacy for Kids of All Ages
Keep money lessons relevant, age appropriate and a bit playful.

4 Forms You Will Fill Out at Your First Job 
Preview the employee paperwork you will need to complete on Day 1.

Get These Things Out of Your Purse or Wallet Now
Look for things you don’t regularly need or use and take them out!

Getting Savvy About Risk
Understanding how these 4 factors can play a role in your ability to achieve your financial objectives is an important part of becoming more savvy with your money.

How to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Debt Resolution
Paying off debt in the New Year is a common resolution. Taking a smart approach to building good habits can help you master debt in 2018.

How to Build a CD Ladder
Use a laddering approach to gain even more from this already solid investment.

How to Buy a Used Car
Here are many pre-owned gems just waiting to be found. find out how to choose one you can drive happily for years to come.

How Credit Mix and New Credit Affect Your Score (Video)
These lesser known factors can affect your credit score. But what exactly do they mean?

How to Fund Your College Social Life While Still Maintaining Financial Health
Knowing how to manage your cash can save endless headaches down the road

How Payment History Affects Your Credit Score (Video)
Financial mistakes can haunt you and your FICO score. 

Infographic: Holiday the Family
With the right strategies, you will be able to keep the peace in any situation during the holidays.

Infographic: 10 Worst Money Attitudes
Suggestions on how to fix a money mindset that isn’t serving you by replacing negative ideas with positive ones!

Infographic: Why Budget?
Living within a budget may seem restrictive, but it's actually empowering.

Mars Vs. Venus Divide
Men and women can have very different attitudes towards financial matters.

Phishing No Longer Coming Just Through Email
It can happen if a phone number is misdialed or from a rogue USB drive or installed apps.

Retirement Plan Considerations at Different Stages of Life
Throughout your career and life, retirement planning will likely be one of the most important components of your overall financial plan.

Scammers Pull at Heartstrings to Get to Our Money
Be wary of three scams that take advantage of human compassion.

7 Banking Tips for Young Millennials
While you may be able to do your banking with just a few taps on your phone, managing money well is much more complicated.

6 Ways to Save More Money in the New Year
With the New Year comes an opportunity to change old financial habits. Here are several ways to become a more efficient saver.

Spring Cleaning Your Finances
It is a great time to clean out your wallet, that junk drawer full of receipts and any overflowing file cabinets.

This Year, Make it a Happy, Debt-Free Holiday Season
Ideas for a joyous, yet financially smart, holiday season.  

3 Questions Couples Should Ask Before Getting a Dog
Figure out finances now, before bringing the pup home.

Three Reasons You Need an Automated Savings Plan
"Save money” is timeless advice but actually doing it can be another story.

Time Your Purchases 
Learn to buy things post-season and save big!

Tools of Cybercriminals and How to Avoid Becoming Their Next Victim
Stay one step ahead of cyberthieves by knowing these techniques.

Why Budget? (Infographic)
Living within a budget may seem restrictive, but it's actually empowering.

Why Should I Get Preapproved for a Loan?
It's the best first step you can take in the purchase process.

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