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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Coverage

View this brief, informative video to learn more about GAP – Guaranteed Asset Protection – and why this coverage is so important for your wallet and financial well-being if you have a car. 

No one wants to continue to make loan payments on a car that no longer exists or can't be used!
GAP can help.  
Click here or click on the image below to watch the video.  If you prefer, cut and paste this link  into your browser.

Interested in adding coverage to an existing Auto Loan?  Contact TTCU at 800-622-2535 (Mon.-Thurs. 8 AM-5 PM; Friday 8 AM-6 PM Central Time) to speak with a loan specialist about adding GAP to your TTCU auto loan. 

Don’t have your loan with TTCU? Why not consider refinancing? Click here to learn more.  OR click the button below to complete our online Refinance My Auto Loan’ application.  You may be able to lower your payment.