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Financial Topics & Tips

Personal Budgeting Worksheet

We are pleased to share a “Make a Budget Worksheet” from the Federal Trade Commission - the worksheet is in PDF format and it is interactive! This worksheet can help you evaluate your expenses and determine which expenses are flexible and which are fixed.  Use the worksheet for at least two or three consecutive months and it will give you an idea of how you are spending your money and changes you can make to improve your situation.  Click here to get started

Implementing a budget is the first and most important step to effective financial planning.  Budgeting helps you have a structured way to work to live within your financial means. 

You may also wish to visit our Greenpath Financial Wellness webpage for additional help on budgeting, debt management and more! 

At TTCU, we work hard to provide our members with the tools and services they need to help achieve a secure financial future!