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Prepare your Social Image for Job Hunting

Many companies are using social media as a recruitment tool.  Give yourself the advantage.  Be sure your social image is ready for job hunting.  If you are already familiar with the do's and do not's of social media and job hunting, these tips can be a little refresher on the subject.

Finding a job is never an easy proposition. In today’s job market, young adults, new graduates and mid-career workers are finding it harder than ever before.  Give yourself all the advantages you can by making sure your social image is ready for job hunting.  Many companies use social media as a recruiting tool and are posting jobs to social outlets. 

“Google” yourself.  Search various presentations of your name and see what comes up. Did someone post photos from a party? Did you comment on someone’s blog or entertainment site and use colorful language? If you found it, so can a potential employer.

What does your social media profile say about you?  Today, employers use social media to screen potential job candidates and may not extend a job offer because the candidate displayed poor communication skills, bad-mouthed a previous employer or lied about their qualifications or skills on their social media postings.

Establish yourself on LinkedIn – it was designed for professionals for networking. You should develop your LinkedIn profile now and build on it as your career changes.  LinkedIn will help showcase your current strengths and objectives while allowing previous employers, co-workers, and teachers to recommend or comment about you.

Review your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages. Check your privacy settings. Check your public view. The world doesn’t need to know where or with whom you spent the weekend – only your friends do.   It is safe to presume that a potential employer is going to check on your social media activities and postings. 

Unlike an actual photograph or paper resume that you can tear up or throw away, information about you on the internet tends to stay around forever.  Make sure it doesn’t prevent you from getting a good job. 

Here are a few easy things you can to do prepare your social profile for your job hunt:

1.)    Keep your profile updated: If you’re looking for a job, your LinkedIn profile should reflect your most recent job history.  Never lie on your resume or LinkedIn profile. 

2.)    Make sure any pictures or photos are a nice representation of your professional self.  Limit selfies and party photos.  Refrain from negative postings and rants. 

3.)    Connect with companies.  When you connect and interact positively with a company, you are showing extra interest in the organization which may boost your chances of getting noticed by a recruiter.  Keep your posts professional and be sure to proofread carefully.

Job hunting on social media can be a great resource OR it could be a reason you don’t get the dream job.  It’s all in how you use it.