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Financial Tools & Tips


Use All the Money Tools Available to You


Your financial institution isn’t just a place to stash your money. It’s a place designed to make the most of your money and save you time—but you have to be willing to use the resources available to make that happen.

The triple play in electronic services—eStatements, online banking, and bill pay—provide fast, convenient and safe access and management of your money like never before. With all three, you will save time not visiting the lobby or ATM and save money in gas, stamps, and mistakes due to unnoticed oversights.

Add mobile banking and remote deposit to your toolbox, and you are now operating and actively managing your money in real time without location constraints.

Non-electronic tools like certificates, money market accounts, and special savings account give your money a powerful boost in savings power allowing you to reach all your financial goals sooner. While debt sounds uncomfortable, when it comes to houses and cars, having a loan is often inevitable. But getting great rates and great terms from your financial institution isn’t. Deal with the professionals you’ve trusted with your money before getting financing at a dealer or broker. Your credit union will consider your entire relationship, which can lead to other positive arrangements or savings opportunities.

Consider your credit union like you would your favorite restaurant. You know we serve great steaks but you always ask for the menu anyway. Ask your member service representatives what we can serve up to help you make better use of your money and what products we have to help you.

The Tennessee Credit Union is committed to helping you reach your financial goals by providing the tools, services and assistance you need. If we may be of service, please call (800) 622-2535 or email us at