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Prepaid Debit Cards

Apply today for your college-bound student’s CUMONEY
prepaid debit card and discover convenience and security
while practicing “cost containment.”

• Convenience – track spending and reload cards via the Internet; get updates on balances and transactions with text and email alerts
• Budgeting tool – your child will learn to live within the budget you’ve provided and can only spend what’s on the card
• Flexible – campus cards limit where the student can shop; CUMONEY can be used wherever Visa is accepted
• Interest-free – unlike credit cards, your child won’t have a mountain of high interest debt

Want to send more?  Then add more to the debit card.  You can load additional funds onto the card simply by going to the online management tool. 

No More Overdraft Fees

Since they can't spend more than what's loaded on the card, they will never be overdrawn.  That means no overdraft fees. No embarrassing mistakes.  Our prepaid debit card is also very safe.  That's because it's not linked to any account, so if it's lost or stolen, you won't have any risk.  And it's much safer than carrying cash.

Drop by today to your local branch to have your prepaid debit card issued. It's the smart way to spend your money.

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