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Personal or Signature Loans


Personal loans, both revolving credit lines and loans for set amounts, are available. Loans secured by your savings are a good choice because of the low interest rates. 
A line of credit is a loan that works basically like a credit card.  Once a portion or the entire loan is used and paid back, it is available again without reapplication.  There are no fees for application, set up, account maintenance, or transfers.  Access your line of credit by writing a check, through your ATM or Debit Card, Smart Branch, Express Call, or in person at the branch.  Only the amount needed is transferred, and interest is paid only on the amount used.  You may use a line of credit as overdraft protection on your checking account as well.
If you have a checking account and at least one other TTCU service, you can apply for a Select Line of Credit.  A Select Line of Credit offers a lower than normal interest rate as a reward for a deeper account relationship.


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