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Youth Accounts

Hello there!

We're Buck and Dough and we have a special club called...

Fawn Savers

Just for kids 11 and under.  It's easy to join.  You'll only need $5.00 to open your account.  Be sure to bring your social security card or birth certificate.

When you bring an adult to the Credit Union to open your Fawn Savers account you will get your own I.D. Card and a passbook to keep up with all of the money you are saving.

And here's something you will really like!  Every month that you put at least $15 in your account, you have a chance to win a $15 gift card that you can spend.   That’s right!   And, sometimes there are special events and activities in the branch just for Fawn Savers, like you.


Here's something special for anyone from age 12 to 17.  It's the...

Buck and Dough Club

An account designed to help you save your "bucks" and end up with more "dough"!  You can open your account with a minimum of $5.00 (be sure to bring you social security card or birth certificate).

Every month that you deposit at least $25 into your account, you will be entered into a drawing to win $25.  How's that for getting paid to save? 
With an adult on the account with you, you can get a free debit card, and the free checking account comes with complimentary checks and no-per check charge. 

We look forward to having your visit our branch.


Young Professionals Club (age 18-25)

Learn more about all the special savings and checking benefits this club provides to young adults.

Antioch High School Branch

Learn more about our TTCU branch at Antioch High School.  This branch is available to Antioch High School students and teachers only.

At TTCU, we are committed to helping students acquire the knowledge and skills relevant to future business professions and post-secondary education, through our affiliation with The Academies of Nashville.

Learning Center for Kids

It's never to early to start learning about money, especially how to earn it, save it and spend it!  At The Tennessee Credit Union, we have fun ways for kids of all ages to start learning about money.  Plus, there are also tools for parents to help them along the way.  Whatever your age, you will find something fun and interesting to discover.  
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Finding Pennies

A counting and coloring game for ages 4-7.

The Money Guide
An introduction to money management for ages 8-12.

What Kind of Spender are You?
This brief quiz for ages 16+ helps discover your feelings about spending.  Good spenders can make their money go farther.

Buy It or Not?
Here are some tips on how to resist impulse buying; for ages 13+.

First Steps Toward College
If you are thinking about college or a career school, check out this workbook for middle and junior high school students; ages 11-15.

Credit Union Rocks
Provides helpful information on how to Earn, Budget, Spend, Save, Borrow, Plan.

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