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Authentication Issue Resolved

The Online Banking Authentication Issue has been resolved. Members may be asked to authenticate their account when logging into a new device for the first time, after they have cleared their cookies, or after a shared device has been used for access by multiple users.

Authentication is an important step in verifying your account as it permits only authenticated users access to our protected network.

We have now updated this process of authentication. This process has simplified verification while maintaining the same level of security. Moving forward, members will be asked to verify with the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.

TTCU eStatements are Now Available

Electronic Statements are now available and can be accessed through Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App. You can find your eStatements in the Sidebar Menu listed under “eStatements”. Here, we have worked to consolidate all your statements into one document for your convenience and ease of storage. When you click on your eStatement tab, a list of all of the accounts you own will be in a drop down menu, this consolidated list of statements will populate under your primary account (i.e. your Checking or if you do not have a Checking Account it will be listed under your Main Share Account or Primary Loan). Do not be alarmed if you do not see statements for individual accounts in the drop down eStatements menu, this is to be expected and a list of all statements can be found under your primary account. We are working to make this more user friendly by limiting the amount of options in the drop down menu to one single “eStatement” option. Historic statements are in the process of being added to the system, members will see only statements after September 23, 2019. If you download your statements via a mobile device or tablet, these statements will be stored in your device's downloads folder. If you do not want statements saved to your device you may wish to delete them after viewing.

Attention VENMO Users
We are aware of the discrepancy involving the cash transfer app, Venmo. Due to a coding error within Venmo’s system, NEW TTCU debit cards are displaying as Fifth Third Bank debit cards within the App. 
We are working with our partners to get this issue corrected.

Please be advised that although cards are displaying with the incorrect Financial Institution, they are still linked to your TTCU Debit Card and will pull from the correct TTCU account. 

The Updated Mobile Pay is LIVE!

Discover a new way to pay with your new TTCU Debit Card or TTCU Credit Card! It's easy! To check out our Mobile Pay options including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, CLICK HERE!

For Card Verification with Mobile Pay, please call 888-376-3393, option 1.

How Do I Make a Credit Card Payment in the NEW Online Banking System?

If you log on to the new site, please scroll to the bottom of the left-hand menu. You will see a link for "Credit Cards." When you click this link, you will be taken to another website. This is perfectly safe. Under "New User" register your 16-digit card number and will verify your identity. Once you are logged in, you will be able to view your statements and transactions.

There are several ways to make your credit card payment. You can mail it to TTCU or you can drop it by a local branch. You can also set up your credit card as a bill pay online. When you log in, please find the “Bill Pay” link on the left-hand menu. This will take you to a new page. You can register your credit card as a bill and set up a payment. We will of course waive any late fees if they occur because of the software upgrade.

Online and Mobile Banking Troubleshooting for EXISTING MEMBERS (for members who have previously enrolled in Online Banking):

  • Use your current username and password to log in to the New Online and Mobile Banking experience—Do not Register as a New User
    • You will be asked to verify your information with what is currently on file. This is an important step to make sure your account security is protected.
      • If you get an error in verification, try:
        • Resetting your password, following the rest of the steps
        • Adding a “0” to the end of your member number (in the field that says account number)
        • Typing the dashes in the birthday field (i.e. January 01, 1990 would be 01-01-1990)
  • Make sure you are downloading the NEW app. Type in "TTCU" in your app store. 


google appApple Store Icon


  • The old app and the new app have the same icon once downloaded but are completely separate apps. 
  • Look for:
  • New TTCU App


If problems persist, please give us a call at our Digital Banking Support line at 512-879-9504