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Select Employee Group

A Select Employee Group is a business partner of The Tennessee Credit Union that secures credit union membership eligibility for its employees at no cost and without the administrative responsibility of starting up a credit union on its own.


Benefits of Becoming a Select Employee Group:

By becoming an SEG of The Tennessee Credit Union, you’re making a bold statement to your employees that they deserve to have an option in financial institutions – an option that delivers an exceptional member experience. The benefits of becoming an SEG of The Tennessee Credit Union are two-fold – there are benefits to the company and benefits to the employees.


Benefits to the Company:

  • Offering credit union membership to your employees is a great way to expand your current benefits package at no cost to your business! Employees will value having a choice in financial institutions that they may not otherwise have had.
  • TTCU can host financial seminars for your employees on topics such as financial education, investment strategies, debt reduction, and other topics important and beneficial to your employees’ personal financial well-being.
  • TTCU can provide a friendly face to present TTCU information at your company benefits fair!
  • TTCU can provide informational materials to use as payroll stuffers or break room reading materials whenever you need them. Materials include, but are not limited to, TTCU newsletters, product brochures, promotional inserts, posters, and financial education materials. When you become an SEG, you can order these materials from our SEG Service Center at no cost!
  • Employees under less stress, including financial stress, are able to shift all their focus on work at work. As the employer of financially fit employees, you’ll reap those rewards! 


Benefits to the Employees:

  • The Tennessee Credit Union is committed to providing an exceptional member experience. Our members are our owners, so they always receive service fit for a shareholder!
  • Our members benefit from some of the most competitive savings and loan rates on the market.   
  • We offer a full menu of financial services like a bank – but with an exceptional member experience.
  • TTCU members get the advice and the financial tools they need from local people who care.


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