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With a share secured loan, your deposit in a share/savings or summer fun account serves as collateral to secure your loan. Share secured loans carry our most attractive interest rates and you'll continue to earn dividends on your savings.

Our Share Secured Loans are ideal for building or re-establishing credit, while ensuring your savings remain strong. This loan can also be helpful if you are waiting for a cash payment, like a tax refund, commission or insurance settlement, and need a short-term loan.

  • Low rates – These loans typically have the lowest interest rate available at the Credit Union.
  • Quick loan turnaround time
  • Loan amounts up to 100% of funds held in your Savings account
  • The loan interest you pay is partially offset by the dividends your shares continue to earn
  • Pledged shares may not be withdrawn until the loan is repaid.


Call Us: Call us at 800-622-2535 and ask to speak with a loan officer. We are available between 8:30am-5:00pm (Central Time)