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What makes a Credit Union different?

Not-for-Profit Business Structure
When the purpose of the business is not to make big profits, then the focus is on people.  Credit Unions are all about people helping people – specifically, people helping other people to lead healthy, stable financial lives.

Members own the Credit Union
The people who do business at the Credit Union are called members, and they are essentially the shareholders – the people who own the Credit Union.  Credit Union members receive friendly, helpful, and personalized service fit for a shareholder.

Profits returned to the Members
Since the members own the Credit Union, any profits earned by the Credit Union are returned to members in many ways.  Credit Unions typically offer low financing rates, high savings rates, fewer fees, improved technology, and high quality member service.

Volunteer Board of Directors
Credit Unions are created by groups of people who have a common bond.  Since the Credit Union philosophy is people helping people, the Board of Directors of a Credit Union usually share this common bond.  All Board members serve on a volunteer basis.