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ACH Forms (Automated Clearing House)

The following forms are in PDF format. You may submit by printing and completing the form then faxing to (615) 242-6112 or returning the form to your local branch.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the form, please call the ACH Department at 800-755-8828, ext. 7632.

Revocation of ACH Debit Agreement
This form is used to permanently revoke/stop the ACH loan payment from another financial institution.  It is also used if you want to change your amount being debited or the financial institution you want to use to have the funds debited for the loan payment.

ACH Debit Stop Payment Request 
This is the form you will use if an ACH item has cleared your account and you would like to stop any future payments from being deducted from your savings or checking account with TTCU.

ACH Origination Temporary Stop
The first section or box on the form is used when you have completed an extension with a loan officer at the Credit Union. The second section is used when you want to stop a debit for a loan payment from another financial institution.

Authorization Agreement for ACH Debit Origination
This form is used when you want to set up a debit withdrawal from your account at another financial institution. It is used to start or change information on a loan payment or if you would like to have money sent to a TTCU savings or draft account. 

Written Statement of Unauthorized Debits 
This is a two-page form used when you have an unauthorized ACH debit that has come out of your account and you would like to attempt to get your funds back. 

Debit Card Fraud

Transaction Report Form 
This form is used when there have been unauthorized transactions on your account using your Debit Card. Please list each merchant, amount, and date of transaction and return to the Credit Union’s Fraud Specialist. You may fax the form to 615-780-7711 or mail it to P.O. Box 22881, Nashville, TN, 37202-2881. The Credit Union's Fraud Specialist will contact you once the form has been received, or you may call 1-800-622-2535 Ext. 7728.  You may also return the form to your local branch.

You will also need to report your Debit Card as lost or stolen to PSCU, our card processor. They are available 24 hours a day at 1-800-449-7728.

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Opt-in Notice
This form allows us to authorize and pay debit card transactions that may overdraft your checking account.

Credit Card Forms

Automatic Credit Card Payment

Balance Consolidation Request

Blocked Countries List

Cardholder Transaction Dispute Form - Use this form if you had authorized the charge at one point or made a purchase but never received the merchandise and are still being charged after notifying the merchant of your intent to cancel the transaction. Please note: Before disputing a charge, you must make every effort to resolve the dispute with the merchant before initiating and submitting this form.

Miscellaneous Forms

Beneficiary Designation Form 

Change of Address Request Form

Privacy Notice
This document explains what TTCU does with your personal information - our Privacy Notice has been updated for 2017.  A form is attached to the first page that allows you to limit us or our affiliates from using your personal information for marketing purposes.  Simply tear off, complete and mail back to us.

Wire Transfer Request 

Incoming Wire Instructions