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Wire Transfers Wire Transfer image

A wire transfer is a one-time electronic transfer from one financial institution to another. Wire transfers take the hassle out of sending money locally and internationally. Wire transfers are considered one of the safest ways to send money internationally. Processing fees do apply when sending and receiving wired funds. Please see Fee Schedule for further details. 

Sending an Outgoing Wire

If you would like to send an outgoing wire transfer, you may go to any of our conveniently located branches, and a representative will be able to assist you in completing the proper paperwork. You will need the following information to send an outgoing wire transfer:

  • Your Full name
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Name and address of the Financial Institution
  • ABA (Routing or Transit Number)
  • Account Number
  • Name and Address on the Account
  • Swift code (for international wires only)
  • Beneficiary’s Name, Address, and Account number

Download the Outgoing Wire Transfer Form 

For International Originating Banks

  • Volcorp CU does not have a SWIFT code to receive international Incoming Wires directly. When a wire is being originated from a foreign bank, it must first be routed through an Intermediary Domestic Financial Institution.

Receiving an Incoming Wire

To receive an incoming wire, the institution sending the funds will need the following information. Some may not need the address information, but some ask for it.

  • VOLUNTEER CORPORATE CREDIT UNION, 2460 Atrium Way, Nashville, TN 37214
    ABA# : 264182395
    CREDIT: The Tennessee Credit Union - ABA#: 264080853
    Name of member (recipient)
    Member/recipient account number
    Dollar amount of wire

Incoming wires can be received Monday- Friday. Accounts are credited upon verified receipt of funds. Fees apply. To learn more, contact member services at 800-622-2535 or visit your local TTCU branch.